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Version: XState v5

Share machines using their share URL

You can share machines with your team or publicly with the machine URL.

Your machine will only be viewable if:

  • the project visibility is public
  • the project visibility is unlisted
  • the project visibility is private, and the viewer is also a member of your team

Private machines stored in My Projects will only be viewable by you.

Read how to change a project’s visibility settings.

Copy the URL from the browser address bar

You can copy the machine URL from the browser address bar, which will share the machine in your current view and version.

Copy the URL from the Share modal

  1. Use the Share button in Stately Studio’s top bar to open the Share dialog.
  2. Use the Copy share URL button to copy the machine’s URL to your clipboard.

Machine URL parameters

Depending on where you copy your URL from, it may contain the following parameters:

  • machineId: the unique ID for the machine. For example, machineId=491a4c60-5300-4e22-92cf-8a32a8ffffca.
  • mode: the current machine mode. For example, mode=Simulate.
  • version: the current machine version. For example, version=78730cff-1e90-4190-9e41-426733b71c9f.