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Version: XState v4

Lock machines

You can lock a machine anytime to prevent accidental edits. Locked machines have a Locked status displayed in the editor’s top bar.

Hover over the Locked text to view who locked the machine and when.

Locking a machine prevents you, or anyone else on your team, from the following:

If somebody else is viewing or editing the machine when it is locked, their changes will not be saved, and they will be notified that the machine is now locked.

How to lock and unlock a machine

From the editor menu, go to Machine > Lock machine / Unlock machine.

From the machine’s Details panel, use the Lock machine / Unlock machine icon button.

Team roles and locking machines

All team members can view locked machines. Only team owners, Admins, and Editors can lock and unlock machines.

View locked machine Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lock and unlock machine Yes Yes Yes🚫 No