Understand your app logic, visually

Build logic together as a team. Then run the flows using XState, a best-in-class open source library for handling complexity at scale.

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Visual editor: Visualize your application logic

Use our drag-and-drop visual editor to build your application logic, then export it directly into your XState project.

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XState in production

Player statechart in the Stately visual editor with min and full states transitioning to each other on toggle. The full state contains playing and paused states which transition to each other on play and pause.

Statecharts: Collaborate with everyone on the team

Not just for developers. Statecharts are a visual language that everyone on the team can understand. Our editor and visualizer make it easy for anyone to create and edit application logic.

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Stately VS Code extension showing a split screen inside VS Code with the code editor on the left and the Stately visual Editor on the right.

IDE Extension: Upgrade your workflow

Bring the power of Stately’s tools directly into your development environment. Edit statecharts visually in JavaScript and TypeScript with our VS Code extension.

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Boolean-based code showing a lot of if else statements and repetition.


Statechart equivalent for the previous code which is much easier to read at-a-glance.

State management: Make complexity manageable

Statecharts make state management simpler. Get an overview of how your application works at a glance. Find states that are often missed, including unwanted states, impossible states and unnecessary error states. As well as eliminating bugs and other issues caused by boolean-based state management.

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Stately Registry’s Discover section, featuring a list of the latest public machines built by the community. Machine names include Chess Moves, eiv-form-statechart, login, searchBoxMachine, tldrawcore, users-search-engine, Address Autocompletea and Matt’s Beta System.

Registry: Explore and share

Share your machines with the community, get feedback and kudos for your work.

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XState is a robust, production-proven library for building application logic with state machines.

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