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Version: XState v4

Stately Studio Pro Plan

Upgrade to a Pro account to create more expressive flows, work faster with AI assistance, and achieve greater flexibility in editing with version control. A Pro account includes the following features:

Pro features

We have many more pro features coming soon. Request features and check out what we’ve got planned on our roadmap.

We offer a free trial on all of our premium plans so you can explore how our Pro features work for you.

Pro accounts

You can choose between monthly or yearly billing on all of our premium plans.

How to sign up

Sign up for a Stately Studio account from the sign up page or using the Sign in button in the editor’s top bar.

Read more about signing up for the Stately Studio.

How to upgrade

You can upgrade when you’re signed into the Stately Studio using the Upgrade button in the editor’s footer.

Priority support

When you sign up for a Pro plan, you will receive an email with information on accessing priority support from the Stately team.

Canceling your Pro plan

You can cancel your Pro plan at any time. When you cancel your Pro plan:

  • Your projects become public.
  • You will no longer have access to other Pro features like deploying live workflows with Stately Sky, AI generation features, saving machine versions, etc.