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Version: XState v4


XState is a JavaScript and TypeScript library for creating, interpreting, and executing finite state machines and statecharts, as well as managing invocations of those machines as actors.

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  • 🤖 xstate: Core finite state machine and statecharts library + interpreter
  • 🔬 @xstate/fsm: Minimal finite state machine library
  • 📉 @xstate/graph: Graph traversal utilities for XState
  • ⚛️ @xstate/react: React hooks and utilities for using XState in React applications
  • 💚 @xstate/vue: Vue composition functions and utilities for using XState in Vue applications
  • 🎷 @xstate/svelte: Svelte utilities for using XState in Svelte applications
  • @xstate/test: Model-Based-Testing utilities (using XState) for testing any software
  • 🔍 @xstate/inspect: Inspection utilities for XState