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Version: XState v5

Welcome to the Stately and XState docs is a visual software modeling platform for modeling your app & business logic as state machines/statecharts and actors, and scales to any level of complexity.

XState is a best-in-class open source library for orchestrating and managing state in JavaScript and TypeScript apps.

Stately Studio or XState?

Stately Studio and XState are most powerful when used together. Use Stately Studio’s visual editor to collaboratively model your app logic and use XState to integrate that logic into your codebase.

You can also use XState in your codebase without Stately Studio, and you’re welcome to use Stately Studio if you’re not yet familiar with XState.

Who is Stately?

The Stately team including Gavin, Farzad, David, Mateusz, Jenny, Laura, Anders, Nick, and Kevin, all standing in front of garage doors, laughing and smiling at each other.

We’re Stately, a small team founded by David Khourshid, the creator of XState. Stately is building Stately Studio, where you can visualize your application logic and collaborate with your whole team.