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4 minute read

David Khourshid

One of the most popular features of our legacy Stately Viz was its ability to inspect your app in real-time using the previous @xstate/inspect and Stately Viz tools. We wanted to bring this functionality into a universal tool that enables you to visually inspect the state of any application, frontend or backend, with the visualization of Stately’s editor. So we built Stately Inspector.

3 minute read

Laura Kalbag

We’ve had a busy start to 2024 with the release of GitHub Sync, sources, and draft projects. We’ve also made plenty of improvements and fixed a few bugs.

7 minute read

Kevin Maes

The team at Stately is proud to release an exciting new feature to kick off 2024, GitHub Sync with Stately Studio! This feature has been highly requested by users and it prompted us to initially launch GitHub Import as a Pro feature over a year ago. But GitHub Sync goes beyond just importing as it enables a completely bidirectional workflow between GitHub repositories and Stately Studio. View the short demo of GitHub Sync from our Office Hours last month.

6 minute read

Farzad Yousefzadeh
Laura Kalbag

We’re excited to share a feature that unlocks a whole new level of power and flexibility in Stately’s editor: sources. With sources, you can now provide implementation source code for your actions, actors, and guards, making syncing between the editor and your codebase a breeze.