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Changelog Week 3 2024

Laura Kalbag

This week, the headline is Stately Inspector! But we’ve also made some improvements and fixed a few bugs in Stately Studio.

Stately Inspector

This week, we released Stately Inspector in beta. Stately Inspector is a tool that allows you to inspect your application’s state visually. It primarily works with frontend applications using XState but can also work with backend code and code that uses any state management solution. Read more about the launch of Stately Inspector.


  • We’ve made it much clearer that you cannot change machines during a save.
  • Workflows are now started after a deploy.
  • Users who have downgraded their subscription can now change their read-only Private projects to Public projects to gain full editing access.
  • GitHub sync now only shows a separate “unsynced machines” section if the user can edit the connected project.
  • Descriptions now work more predictably and will automatically receive focus when creating a new description.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where changing repos after interacting with the file tree would cause an error. This was due to the change in the file tree structure from the newly selected repo.
  • Copy-pasting an action block will no longer crash the editor.
  • We also fixed a bug where the Fit to content or Fit to selection buttons were disabled when the zoom level was 10%.

We’d love your feedback

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