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2 minute read

Explain your machines with annotations

Laura Kalbag

Sometimes you want to share a machine with descriptive details or comments, so we’ve added annotations to Stately Studio.

Unlike descriptions, annotations are notes you can use to annotate your machine that only appear in Stately Studio’s editor. To add an annotation, right-click anywhere on the canvas to bring up the canvas menu and use Add annotation to add your annotation.

Check out the dog walk machine below, which I’ve annotated with notes describing the machine and how some of the states work.

You can now also embed your machines anywhere iframes are supported!

Annotations are not exported when you export your machine as code, so you can add as many as you like without affecting your codebase!

Annotations are particularly useful when you’re sharing machines with your teams. Teams are a pro feature of Stately Studio, where you can share and collaborate on your app logic. We offer a free trial on the Stately Studio Pro account so you can explore how our Pro features work for you and your team.

We hope annotations make sharing a link to your machine even easier without additional supporting information or explanation. Try them out today and see how they can enhance your workflow!