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2 minute read

Fixes and improvements

Laura Kalbag

We’ve released many new features recently, but we’ve also made minor enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Stately experience.

Bug fixes

  • The fork machine button is now hidden for empty projects.
  • The generate flow button is now shown on empty projects.

Improvements to descriptions and annotations

Descriptions and annotations have had an upgrade. You can now add a description to states and events from the edit menu edit (right-click on the state or event) and edit descriptions by double-clicking them.

We also made the following improvements to both descriptions and annotations:

  • URLs will be detected as links automatically.
  • Paste a URL onto selected text to turn it into a link.
  • Add task lists by using [ ] at the beginning of each line.
  • Add code fences using triple ```…``` backticks.


  • Action blocks are now multiline and show more information about the action.
  • Assign actions now show the keys and values that are being assigned.
  • Send to actions now show the event object when you hover over the event.
  • You can now drag an event or state when holding down on an image inside the description.
  • Extra parentheses are no longer added around XState V4 exported code. And it's now less sensitive toward whitespaces.
  • Assign actions now have a better color in light mode.
  • Auto-layout is now allowed when previewing machine versions.
  • You will now be redirected to your projects if you try to open an empty project you can't edit.
  • Users on the community plan can now see the Pro lock machine features and learn about them.
  • A medley of internal fixes and improvements.