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XState VSCode extension now available on the Open VSX Registry

By Laura Kalbag on March 15, 2022Edit this page on GitHub

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If you use VSCodium, Coder, Gitpod or another editor with VSCode-compatible extensions, you can now install the XState VSCode extension from the Open VSX Registry.

We released our XState VSCode extension a few weeks ago, which gives you visual editing, autocomplete, typegen and linting for XState. The same extension is now available for VSCodium, Coder and Gitpod, and any other editors with VSCode-compatible extensions through the Open VSX Registry.

We had many requests to distribute the extension on the Open VSX Registry. As a person who uses VSCodium myself, it was exciting to install the extension from inside VSCodium.

  1. Open the command palette in VSCodium with shift + cmd/ctrl + p.
  2. Search for the Install Extensions command and hit enter to open the Extensions search.
  3. Search for XState to find the XState VSCode extension and install the extension using the Install button.
  4. Once you have installed the extension, you can find the extension commands by searching for XState in the command palette.

You can also download the XState VSCode extension directly from the Open VSX Registry.

Please give us your feedback and let us know if you encounter any issues in our Discord or our xstate-tools repository.

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