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3 minute read

David Khourshid

React developers often need to share state between components. While the useMachine(...) hook provides a convenient way to represent local state as a state machine, it’s not very feasible for shared or global state. Thankfully, @xstate/react’s createActorContext(machine) function, released in @xstate/react@3.1.0, is a convenient way to share state machines globally in any React application.

10 minute read

Kevin Maes

Are you a React developer using XState to model your application logic? Perhaps you’ve heard of XState but have been looking for an easy way to try it out in one of your projects. If so, then I’d like to share with you a pattern I was introduced to when first diving into codebase at Stately, that of using custom machine hooks. This lightweight, reusable way to integrate XState into React components is a delight to work with and I think you might like it as much as I do!