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5 minute read

Gavin Bauman

At Stately, the Actor Model is one of our favorite programming paradigms, and we think it’s for good reason! The actor model allows developers to build reliable message-based systems by using actors to communicate. This works extremely well with state machines and statecharts, which can also be modeled as actors and can communicate much in the same ways. Read on to learn what the actor model is, the problems it seeks to solve, and how you can use it in your projects to communicate reliably across different entities.

5 minute read

Laura Kalbag

Last week our question of the week was “how do you convince your teammates to use XState?

One of our most frequent requests for the documentation is more advice on how to convince others to use XState. Many people read an article, watch a talk or participate in a workshop about XState and are sold on using XState themselves. But when it comes to getting their team on board, they often need more.