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2 minute read

25 new server-side workflow examples

Laura Kalbag

As part of helping make learning about state machines, the actor model, and XState easier, we’ve been working hard on creating examples for the community. One of the most frequently requested examples has been server-side workflows. And now they’re here! We’ve got 25 new examples specifically for this purpose in the XState GitHub repo.

Based on the CNCF Serverless workflow specification, these examples showcase the power and versatility of XState v5 when it comes to server-side workflows. These examples cover many use cases, from simple state machines to more complex workflows. Whether you are new to XState or an experienced user, we hope you’ll find these examples useful.

Have you any examples to add? Check out our contribution guidelines; we’d love your pull request! If you have any questions or want to chat about these examples, please join our Discord. Our team and community will be happy to help.