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Learn the Stately Studio with our new video tutorials

By Laura Kalbag on October 27, 2022Edit this page on GitHub

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If you’re new to the Stately Studio, state machines or statecharts, we have the videos for you! Our new Stately Studio tutorials playlist on YouTube features bite-size videos to help you get started with understanding statecharts and state machines, and start modeling in the Stately Studio.

Each video explains a concept with an example machine and shows you how to use the features in the Stately Studio. You can watch the whole playlist in one go or watch the videos individually, as shown below.

What are state machines and statecharts?


Initial states

Transitions and events

Parent and child states

Parallel states

Final states

Entry and exit actions

Delayed (after) transitions

State done events

Invoked actors


More videos coming soon

We’ll be adding more videos to the playlist very soon! Do you want us to make tutorials for a concept you need help understanding? Or how to use a particular feature in the Stately Studio? Leave us a request on our Canny roadmap.

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