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Book a demo with the Stately team

By Laura Kalbag on April 3, 2023Edit this page on GitHub

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Are you looking to take your team collaboration to the next level? Do you want to explore the features of Stately and XState to their fullest potential? Then book a live demo with the Stately team!

Our team is excited to give you a walkthrough of the Stately Studio and explore your use cases. During the demo, you can get answers to all your questions about Stately and XState. Learning more about you and your team will help us develop future features that benefit your work.

What can you expect from a live demo with the Stately team?

Walkthrough of the Stately Studio

Get an in-depth tour of Stately’s visual editor and its features. Explore how the Stately Studio works for teams and learn how to build complex state machines quickly.

Explore your use cases

Our team will help you explore the Stately Studio’s features by walking you through your use cases. We can help you understand how Stately can be used to solve your specific problems and how you can integrate it into your workflow.

Answer any questions you have about Stately and XState

During the demo, our team will answer your questions about Stately and XState. Whether you’re curious about a particular feature or want to know how Stately can help you solve a specific problem, our team will provide the answers you need.

Follow-up demo designed for your team and use cases

After the demo, our team can work with you to schedule a follow-up demo that is designed specifically for your team and use cases. We will consider your feedback from the initial demo and create a customized demo that meets your specific needs.

Use the link below to book your live demo. We look forward to helping you build amazing applications with Stately and XState.

Book a demo
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