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The latest live streams from Stately

Laura Kalbag

The Stately team has been doing a lot of live streams lately, covering the front-end, back-end, and everything new in the Stately editor.

Making workflows serverless

In the recent live stream on making workflows serverless, Gavin and David discussed what it takes to make a serverless workflow in XState, and the advantages of using state machines for workflows.

Making a markdown component

If you’ve been looking to start using state machines in your front end, check out the live stream with David and Farzad, where they made a simple markdown converter component using XState, React, and Stately.

Office hours

During our latest office hours, we demoed many recently-released features and gave a sneak peek of GitHub Sync, which is coming soon!

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More streams are coming soon!

The best way to enjoy our live streams is to join us live. Subscribe to us on YouTube, and you’ll be notified first when we schedule new live streams. When you join us live, you can get your questions answered by the team and participate in the fun discussions in our comments.

Want to request an example or demo for one of our next live streams? Please share what you want to watch on our Discord.